Name:  Zen Ikugaru [禪]

Gender: Male

Species: Half snake demon

Age: 16

D.O.B: July 17, ???? [On this day every year he resorts to a fully human form.]

Height: 5'8'' feet

Weight: 98 pounds

IQ: 137

Blood Type: OV- [A dense, venomous type, blood flowing in snake demons. It has an acidic white blood count that instantly dissolves any venom/poison injected into his blood stream. No one will gain any nourishment from feeding on his blood because it is extremely toxic, especially to those whom are vampires. His blood also clots very rapidly, like most demons, which allows him to heal minor flesh wounds fairly quickly.]




Occupation(s): Senior Packmate




Rank: Gamma [3rd in charge]




Deep pools of a, translucent, newton-apple shade which refract the light that enters them, giving them a mesmerizing glow; they resemble snakes eyes in almost every way, besides the ever shrinking glimmer of humanity in them. These bright golden orbs have unparalleled abilities to sort of 'zoom-in' on an enemy from kilometers away, read energy signatures of every 'living' being along with there auras, examine the flow of energy in a persons body.




He used to wander aimlessly, making wherever he stopped his home, like a nomad. But after settling down with his Pack mates, he now lives exclusively at there hidden and well secluded home.





A lithe and nimble, 16 year old, half snake demon boy with a medium build, sociopathic tendencies, and carries the scent of blood & herbs. He does not retain much muscle nor fat in his slim form due to his snake demon genetics, which also makes his bones have a certain buoyancy to them. His seemingly hollow bones are also the reasons why he is such an avid swimmer and can stay perched upon the most flimsy of objects. Although a downside to this skeletal structure is that the regeneration process of the bones, if broken, is a long time period. Unlike most mortals, who can only access 20% of their brain, he can access 35% to 40%. He is ambidextrous - meaning he is both right, and left, handed, but he favors his left hand more. He has retractable alabaster, snake like, fangs that sink into his gums when he is calm, but when enraged or excited they protrude from his gums, peeking over his bottom lip in a, some what, menacing way. Zen has claw like finger nails, on his right hand, that are his last resort of a weapon when forced to fight tooth-and-nail; whilst his other arm has been replaced with an automail replica - or a pure mechanical duplicate.





His left arm has been replaced with a completely metal arm after Lioncast, the demon, cut his arm off; it was replaced by automail he got from a passing alchemist, later his dear friend Tech made him a new high tech one, but that got ruined in a fight with a water demon who dragged him under the water and blew it right off it's socket. After that, his good friend Kaitlyn, made him a sturdy, dark tinted, automail arm, that has a retractable blade that protrudes from the upper side of his wrist when he clenches his fist in a particular way. There is also a crimson red transmutation circle on the underside of the palm that allows him to transmute anything it touches into an explosive by rearranging the atoms, destroying the object on contact in a fiery explosion.



Besides his unseen speed, highly developed: hearing, sight, & sensory abilities, and his over average strength, Zen has other specific abilities. 

  • Do to his half snake demon heritage he has the ability to transform into any type or size of serpent, put up minor demonic barriers, resist almost every poison, and create unique venom(s).
  • Being an Alchemist, he can transmute matter with the use of a transmutation circle [Even though he has seen the Gate and can transmute without a circle].
  • Using his Shaman abilities he can morph into any known animal, communicate telepathically with other shaman's, see spirits, and heal minor wounds.
  • Using Kurook he can, heal major wounds upon himself, absorb fire, detach his soul from his body, and put up powerful celestial barriers.
  • Since he is a seal master, self-taught and mastered, Zen can seal spirits/demons/auras & chakras/etc., heal minor and major wounds, put up seal like barriers, and teleport between dimensions/worlds/plains of existence/etc.




  • He suffers from an extreme case of Arachnophobia due to the natural hatred between snakes and spiders.
  •  He also suffers from a minor case of both Acousticophobia - a fear of high pitched noises and Altophobia - a fear of heights.
  •  Although he may have a high immune system, it's no match for the venom of the demon hell wasps, Saimyosho.
  •  His strengths are mostly to do with analyzing, which take the use of his eyes; and speed, which takes the use of his legs. Without either his legs or eyes he'd surely perish. His fighting style is all about using his opponents strengths against them, making sure to keep an agile and dance like movement.




The word sociopath comes to mind when thinking of his personality. He is usually distant, but occasionally has momentary bursts of compassion and genuine hospitality. He is easily irritated by younger children and adolescents, but is defensive when they're threatened and has a deadly father like instinct towards young pack mates/his children. He has a sort of wolf like pack mentality to protect his family and pack mates and those of his own kind. When first met, he seems cold and shallow, or maybe understanding and solemn, either way do not do any thing that might upset him, cause having Zen as an ally is better then facing him as a foe. He has untrained, and unrefined, animalistic senses, and a mental connection with all Shamans and retired Keepers.




~Family & Relationships~

Blood parents died shortly after his birth, but was later adopted by Tersay. He has one blood sister, two half sisters, and many adopted siblings. He also has a large Pack that he considers his closest family.

Zeeeeeeen8D-3 photo Zeeeeeeen8D-3-2.jpg

 photo 5f19131b-2e0f-438f-bff6-603e9f0000f6_zpsb8bf95c6.jpg





  • A powerful crimson beaded necklace, which resembles that of prayer beads, hangs around his ivory skinned neck. This living creature, named Kurook, is made of pure celestial magic and was given to him as a prophecy foretold by the god, Apollo; he along with two other children were granted these magical pieces of jewelry. It has the following abilities: to form and create a powerful and virtually unbreakable, celestial barrier which surrounds Zen and whomever is near him, this necklace also has the power to consume and absorb fire, and finally to transform into whatever shape Zen asks of it, normally taking on the shape of a small squirrel type creature when released by Zen's command.
  •  He was given a magical, fully green, unbreakable, elven sword by his dear friend 'Dark of the Night', that he named "Hope Emerald", he leaves this warn sword hanging above his bed in the Pack's home.
  •  He wields twin shinning silver daggers that he keeps holstered in there sheaths hanging beside "Hope Emerald" in his room of the Pack house, that each have a transmutation circles inscribed on them, that when activated, allows him to meld them together into a large silver claymore [or other various objects of the same mass].
  •  Zen also possesses a finely carved deer antler bow, that of which he made himself from the antler of a noble stag, which he killed himself [He creates arrows out of pure energy, making them materialize and solidify].
  • For Christmas his fellow Pack mate, Elk, got him a Necromantic bell named Belgaer, or the "Thinker", whom he cleverly nicknamed, "Comatose", which is a bell that manipulates memory. It can bring back forgotten memories erased from a spirit, or erase memories altogether. If not used carefully, it may splinter the mind of the one who wields it...




 He by no means dresses luxorious, but doesn't consider himself a street-rat in the ways of clothing. He is normally always seen in his standard red long sleeve tunic, tan pants, and black cloth shoes, all of course past their prime in use - blood and dirt stained. He has a taste for sleek, close fitting, black attire as well, owning a few and a habit for stealing some. When he comes across a kimono or fancy garb he likes, he tends to take them for his own, possessing a few well crafted articles of clothing. As far as shoes go, he only owns two different types, a cloth like pair of black shoes, sandals normally worn with kimonos, or he'll parade around with no feet coverings at all. Finally, when trying to be concealed or simply enjoying the coverage, he will use a black cloak; when performing seal-master rituals he'll use a ceremonial gold and green kimono cover-up.





He was trained by many people as a young boy first arriving at Neko Kugyay, but many of them simply faded into the sands of time, but Zeneath, he stayed by Zen's side, nurturing him and guiding him. And now, Zen takes on a prodigy of his own, Salena, taking her under his wing, despite their history of hate, and is beginning to teach her Anatomy, "The Science of Man", and Alchemy, "The Science of Gods".

                                                      (Zeneath)                                          (Salena)


                        [Pendant given to Zen by Zeneath]   ^






Apart from being a half snake demon, he is also a:

  • Shaman
  • Master Alchemist
  • Seal Master
  • Herbalist
  • Archer/Hunter/Swordsmen
  • Retired/Ex-substitute Soul-Reaper