THE Pack

The pack is a very loose fit collection of beings that come together and create a sense of family with it's own hierarchy that isn't regularly enforced. THE Pack doesn't have a name like most others but it acts within the same morals. THE Pack isn't something you can join, it is an instinct, a certain feeling of family and protection you feel towards one another. Lynn Kavki is the unelected alpha of our close knit pack and Elk acts as her beta, or second in command, I, Zen Ikugaru, am the unofficial Gamma of the group. The eldest and longest members of THE Pack are considered the parental figures and the Senior Pack Members. There have been others at Neko Kugyay who attempt to mimic what THE Pack has done, but fail badly at attempting the level of bond we all share with one another.

Senior pack members:

File:Phoenician aleph.svgLynn - The Wise Alpha

File:Phoenician beth.svgElk - The B***hy Beta 

File:Phoenician gimel.svgZen - The Know It All Gamma

    Zagon - The Clueless Pup

Main pack members:

     Rag - The Demonic Pup

     Glace - The Demented Kid 

     Imasu - The Light of Hope

     Rosalie - The Teething Demoness

     Betrayal - The Scary A** Bear Girl

     Kaimi - The Flying Menace

  Leeyna - The Torrent Twin 

  Tammy - The Terrible Twin

     Sayomi - The Knowledgeable Stalker

     Dusk - The Fumbling Fool


Pack elder(s):

    Zenima - The Beginning

    Kareru - The Guard Dog

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